November 10, 2020

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Friday, December 04, 2020

WDI FX Pest Control Software Save Printed Forms Cost

Software Allows Users to Print PCO Forms on Plain Paper

Carmel, Indiana - New Image Software announced today the release of WDIFX Pest Control Software for the pest control industry. This easy to use program allows users to create customized forms using their own logos then print them on plain paper. Users can even add signatures to bids and inspection reports then email them to clients.

WDI FX Pro includes the following powerful features:

· Order Entry and Scheduling
· Bids
· Invoicing and Accounts Receivable
· Statements
· WDI inspection forms including the new NPMA-33 and ALL other state forms
· Site Drawings for tracking residential and commercial bait stations
· Guarantee and Warranty Forms
· Annual WDI Renewals
· Payment Tracking and Sales Reports
· Networking version available

"WDI FX contains the additional features our customers have been asking for", said New Image President, Richard Jordan. "Our WDI FX users have requested features to allow them to run their entire pest control operations not just inspections. WDI FX Pro allows them to maintain the incredible ease of use of our inspection program while allowing them to add route management, invoicing, statements and a host of other features." he said.

The price of WDI FX Pest Control Pro is $999 and comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Each registered copy includes 30 days of free training and support.

New Image Software is a developer of mobile data solutions located in Carmel, Indiana. Call toll free (888) 214-7702 for more information.

Signature Scene Site Drawing Software Available

New Image Software Releases Site Drawing Software

New Image Software today announced the release of Signature Scene Inspection Site Drawing Software for the pest control and home inspection industries. Signature Scene™ enables PCOs, home inspectors and building officials to prepare and deliver professional drawings for inclusion in their inspection reports.

"Signature Scene™ contains the essential features our customers have requested to enable them to create drawings for any type of inspection using an ordinary computer" said New Image President Richard Jordan. "For example, Pest Control Operators are usually required to include graphs with their inspection reports. In the past this has meant using a pencil and straight edge. With Signature Scene™ they simply drag a predefined floor plan to the exact size and shape they need and then select from a multitude of symbols that represent undesirable conditions such as the presence of shelter tubes, insect parts, frass or live insects. Our symbols include pictures of each of these conditions plus images of the actual insects observed" he continued.

This easy to use program allows users to create simple or complex scale drawings for a wide variety of applications. Over 200 symbols include structures, electrical systems, HVAC, plumbing, interior rooms, appliances, landscaping and pest control. These symbols enable anyone to create a professional looking sketch or floor plan in minutes.

The price of Signature Scene™ is only $299 and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Customers can contact the company anytime within the first 30 days for a full refund. Each registered copy includes free training and 30 days of support. Signature Scene can be used with any inspection program and is fully integrated into the firm's WDI FX Pest Control software.

Anyone interested in learning more can call toll free (888) 214-7702 for more information. New Image Software is a developer of mobile data solutions located in Carmel, Indiana.

NPMA-33 Form Available, WDIFX Pest Control Software

WDIFX Availability of NPMA-33 Form

New Image Software today announced the availability of the new NPMA-33 form bundled in their WDI FX termite inspection software. In late August the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) officially accepted the NPMA-33 form for WDI inspections, in place of the NPCA-1

According to Greg Baumann, technical director for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), the official authorization date for use was Sept. 1, however the NPCA-1 may still be used until Jan. 1, 2005. 37 states will use the new form; states with their own forms adopted prior to the original NPCA-1 will not be affected although some lenders may require the NPMA-33 in addition to their own state forms on federally insured loans. WDI FX Pest Control includes all state mandated forms as well as the new NPMA-33.

According to New Image President, Richard Jordan, the firm has been approved by NPMA to reproduce the new form. "We are delighted to be able to provide the industry with this new 8 1/2" x 11" format", he said. "By combining the benefits of the new form with the legendary ease of use of WDI FX we can give any PCO an affordable way to create electronically signed reports which can be faxed or emailed directly from their computer to the client. We even provide the ability to create graphs using their computer's built in Paint program or our new Signature Scene™ drawing program." Jordan continued.

New Image Software is a developer of mobile data solutions located in Carmel, Indiana. A free 10 demo of WDI FX™ can be downloaded from the WDIFX Pest Control Software web site. Call toll free (888) 214-7702 for more information.

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