November 10, 2020

BIG SUR - It's here and we like it BUT............

Please DO NOT update your Operating System just yet.

Like many software companies including the big players like Adobe, etc. not everything is compatible yet.

So please refrain from updating and if you have autoupdate on turn it off till at least January 2021.

Friday, December 04, 2020

InspectorFX Home Inspection Software Release to address Foreclosure Properties

New Image Software today announced an update to their industry leading Inspector FX home inspection software. The new version now allows inspector to address repair costs in foreclosed properties. A customizable disclaimer appears at the bottom of the summary.

According to New Image Software president Richard Jordan, "Due to the glut of bank owned properties we have received numerous requests to include the ability to provide total estimated repair costs in our Deficiency Summary. Inspectors have historically avoided giving cost estimates, but these are not normal times and now is the time to rethink this position." This feature is for lenders or professional investors, not your average buyer. These professionals are not asking for repair bids, they just need general ballpark ranges in order to determine the value of their inventory. Inspectors who offer this service could find themselves in great demand by lenders", he said.

As defective items are discovered during the inspection, the inspector can enter his or her best educated guess at to the cost to repair or replace each item. When the Deficiency Summary is printed, the client will receive an itemized list along with a total for the property. Users are also given the opportunity to include all photos taken during the inspection.

In addition, this version of Inspector FX is now fully compatible with WDI FX Pest Control software for those inspectors whom also do wdi / wdo inspections.

You can download a fully featured 10 day trial version and view Inspector FX online demos at

New Image Software is a developer of mobile/office data solutions located in Carmel, Indiana. For additional information, call toll free at (888) 214-7702.

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