ProForms Inspection Reports

When a whole house inspection is not required. All reports contain a cover page and up to 10 pages of narrative text which can be populated from a pre-formatted form document. Photo Manager included with all forms.

Individual Reports
• Roof Inspection - Allows for the documentation of up to 5 different roofs at a single inspection site
• Well Inspection - Documents the condition, operation and location of all related well components
• Septic Inspection - Documents the condition, operation and location of all related septic components
• Pool/Spa Inspection - Documents the condition and operation of pools and/or hot tubs 
• Custom - A customizable form for reinspections, new construction, 4 Point, Insurance, mold, etc.
• Radon Inspection - Includes documentation of EPA Testing Protocols & Radon Mitigation Standards
• ERC Inspection - A whole house inspection which meets the requirements of the Employee Relocation Council 
• NFPA Level II Inspection - Meets the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association. Documents the condition of chimneys 

Sample Inspection Reportspdf
Roof Inspection Report
Well Inspection Report

Septic Inspection Report

Pool-Spa Inspection Report
Custom Report
Radon Inspection Report

ERC Inspection Report

Sample NFPA Level II Inspection Form

System Requirements
Minimum Memory 8GB
Minimum Hard Drive 512GB
windows Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11
macMac OSX Big Sur or higher
iOS 14 or higher

"I tried Inspector FX and I love it. It's easy to use, yet agents and clients alike tell me the report looks so professional. It has all the features I'm looking for in home inspection software. I tried Palm-Tech, 3-D, HomeGauge and others. Inspector FX is the one that appeals to me the most."


Ronald Lee Manager
New Jersey Home Inspections
Cranbury, New Jersey

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