Order Entry & Invoicing

The easiest to use home inspection software order entry package.

Order Entry Module
Designed from the experience of managing over 40,000 home inspection reports a year. Enables multiple inspector companies and one man practice to operate at maximum efficiency. Increase your productivity and administrative efficiencies by remaining on top of all of your orders.

• Details of each inspection
• Cross reference previous inspections performed
• Dispatch to inspectors cell phones and Blackberry®
• Email Pre-Inspection Agreements, invoices and reports
• Store lab reports, pdfs, any digital file.
• Automatically dial any phone number via Skype®
• Accounts Receivable report
• Calculate inspectors' fees and create payroll reports
• Generate mailing labels
• Create sales reports
• All forms print with company letterhead on plain paper
• Easy customizable drop down lists
• Track referrals and contact information

Sample Order Entry Module Formspdf
Client Pre-Inspection Letter
GHI Pre-Inspection Letter
Client Thank You Letter
Late Notice Letter
Agent Letter
Closing Letter

System Requirements
Minimum Memory 8GB
Minimum Hard Drive 512GB
windows Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11
macMac OSX Big Sur or higher
iOS 14 or higher

"I tried Inspector FX and I love it. It's easy to use, yet agents and clients alike tell me the report looks so professional. It has all the features I'm looking for in home inspection software. I tried Palm-Tech, 3-D, HomeGauge and others. Inspector FX is the one that appeals to me the most."


Ronald Lee Manager
New Jersey Home Inspections
Cranbury, New Jersey

Attention All Users

TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES ON YOUR DEVICES IF YOU ARE NOT USING VERSION 18 OR GREATER as your data will not be accessible without an update!

For those buying a new Mac - Monterey and the M1 chip are fully supported. Windows 11 is also fully supported.

If using any version prior to 18 fill out a technical support request so a time can be scheduled to update your files.

Technical Support requests send an email of the information that has been received, if you do not receive a verification email concerning your support request, then please call and leave a message on our voicemail to get service.
Contact is usually made within 4 hours during normal business hours.



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The Easiest to use Inspection Software in the Industry.