Go Paperless!

Inspectors Go Paperless and Save a Lot of Green!
There is a great emphasis these days on the need to "Go Green". One of the easiest ways is to reduce the use of paper in your inspection business. Everyone know that real estate transactions waste an enormous amount of paper. InspectorFX was designed from the ground up to be paperless.
+ Multi-User

InspectorFX Network Users. How great would it be for everyone in your organization to be connected in real time?

+ Graphs

InspectorFX Graphs can be created with a variety of drawing programs including Windows Paint®, SmartDraw® and TouchDraw®.

+ ProForms Inspection Reports

When a whole house inspection is not Required.

+ Termite Inspections

Connect to WDIFX our solution for Termite Inspection Reports.


Here’s what you can accomplish when you choose InspectorFX.

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By getting a 10 Day Trial. You will be on your way to getting your inspections done faster.
Save Money
Going paperless saves money and time.
Get Support
Our support system is manned by a team of experienced professionals to help you.

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Marketing & CRM

The easiest to use home inspection software program in the industry and the only program you will ever need to run your entire home inspection business.

Marketing (CRM) Module
Allows you to keep track of contacts, vendors, and easily create marketing campaigns in the form of mass email or personalized letters. Document contact/call reports, create emails, view order history, and track referral sources. You can also easily categorize contacts into an unlimited amount of groups for mass mailing or any other need. Inspector FX Home Inspection software can grow with your business.

Hero Bloom Logoapple iosSystem Requirements
Minimum Memory 8GB
Minimum Hard Drive 512GB
Mac OSX Ventura or higher
iOS 16 or higher
 Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11